How to Kill the Revolution ( a work in progress)

This is a portion of one of my “works in progress.”

IF you kill the children, you kill the revolution. How are our children being killed…mentally, spiritually and physically?

Mentally. Give them what to think. Give them reality shows and videos. Make them believe that it is uncool to read. Make them believe that power lies in money and murder their innocence in the pursuit. Pollute them, corrupt them, make them desire to die. Make dying cool. Make them believe Y.O.L.O to justify the infinite “turn up.” Make them believe that teachers are evil and weed is good. Make them believe that the benefits package that comes with corner employment supersedes the purpose of their lives. Give them Face book pages and Twitter accounts to post “how to kill the revolution” ideas and laugh about it and repost…make them “counterrevolutionaries” and make them believe they did voluntarily.

Confuse them spiritually. Make them medicate their joy and their pain. Make them believe that they don’t have to feel what they don’t want to feel because “Molly” makes everything alright. Make them believe that marijuana is not a gateway drug so that they never ponder if crack was a crack heads first drug of choice. Make them smoke with their elders so they believe that it must be okay. Drown out their intuition with the desire to be cool.  Teach them to lie and finesse so that the world distrusts the likes of their age, gender, race and mindset. Feed them bullshit stanzas backed by a hook and jig and make them meditate on it day and night until it becomes their character. Present the holy book as outdated science fiction so they believe that power lies in the dollar that reads, “In God We Trust.”

If you can achieve the aforementioned goals, they will die. They will kill each other with words or weapons. They will kill themselves. They will kill because they have practiced it. It has become their plight;  their purpose. And they will die to proclaim it. That is how you kill the revolution.



  1. Tierra · February 5, 2015


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  2. kmichelle banks · February 5, 2015

    Well said!🙌

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  3. Moe-Mentum Garrett · February 6, 2015

    Wowwwww well said! #praying4ouryouth

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  4. Jasmine Harvey · February 6, 2015


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  5. aynbi · February 7, 2015

    Awesome! We need to pay whole heartedly for our youth. At such young ages and not afraid to die is very scary. I pay to God daily to cover & shield her to and from school.

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  6. P Jones · February 16, 2015

    Well said 🙌

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  7. Tory · March 3, 2015

    Im sharing this with my students!

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