It Ain’t That Deep

I woke up in my thoughts.  I reached for my journal and these words were impressed upon my heart… “IT AIN’T THAT DEEP.” And suddenly, life made sense. I am a chronic over thinker, which in most cases, suits me fine, but for the recent events of my life, the abundance and depth of thought was way over the top.

Some people are naturally deep because they over-think everything. Some people desire to be deep but you couldn’t drown in their conversation if you successfully emerged your whole head in it. Some are not interested in the depth of anything…the surface is adequate for them. As a teacher, the goal I set for each of my students is to learn how to think, deeply; critically. I can only teach what I know so I am constantly engaged in deep thinking…which spills over into my everyday thinking that leads me to over think, often.

Some things in life require analysis. There are situations that deserve critical thought to be resolved. I’m glad got me straight on this one this morning.

When I realized that this thing I was wallowing in really wasn’t “that deep,” I laughed at myself out loud. The worry, the anxiety, the realization that I was not in control, all faded into oblivion as I laughed heartily at myself for trying to be deep. I made a mountain out of a mole hill.


I challenge you to reevaluate that thing or those things that are currently plaguing you. Learn with me to save that energy for the things that truly need you to be deep.


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