This is Hell

How do you enter a church during Bible Study, stay awhile, and then kill nine people in cold blood? 

The fall back plea of insanity, that works legally in favor of white Americans, is the direction in which the media scurries to justify such a horrific travesty. My filter is off. This is bullshit. 

This massacre was premeditated. It was carried out by a white man who entered a place of worship, stayed to observe, and then made a conscious decision to murder nine Black people. The Huffington Post reported that he reloaded five times admist victims of his hate asking why he was doing this, Roof replied, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

My question is, who retarded the history he was taught? His reasoning sounds a lot like the African-American experience of being kidnapped from the continent and enslaved throughout and across the diaspora. I won’t attempt to psychoanalyze Roof’s verbal reasoning, so that’s that. 

It’s not enough that the overwhelming hate/fear some have for African-Americans is more transparent in the media given recent events that involve law enforcement and/or self appointed neighborhood watch and/or concerned citizens shooting to kill Black boys and men specifically, but now the church, which has historically been a safe haven and place of refuge can quickly become   the backdrop for a hate based massacre.

I’m sure the church members that were present that night embraced Roof and welcomed him to worship with them. I’m sure someone gave him the side eye and discerned that he wasn’t right. I’m sure someone else prayed that no weapon formed against them should prosper. I’m sure that this monster whose father fell from heaven for wanting to take the place of God, listened to these people pray for him, and yet he found the will to murder nine of them, in cold blood, with gumption to reload five times. 

U.S. Justice System, I don’t want to hear about his mental condition or a plea of temporary insanity. I want to know if you will offer him the same sentence you offered the culprits of the Boston Marathon Massacre. Or will you even equate this with that? Roof is a terrorist, homegrown; an imprint in the history of American fabric that you tried to fold over, check it again…it is dry rotted and unraveled at the seams.


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  1. lay · June 19, 2015

    thank you for expressing my feelings so vividly

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