The Only Way Out

Every hardship, disappointment and difficult situation that has occurred in my life was designed to increase my strength. I’m at  an age now where I’ve realized that every thing does not deserve a comment; so there are times that I absolutely have nothing to say. But there comes a moment in every person’s life where people mistake the meekness you prayed, tarried and sought God early in the morning to acquire, for weakness or false humility. My conundrum manifests in my not wanting to be an older bitter person who has something to say about everything, but also finding it more than necessary to confront issues in order to establish boundaries with the people who present those issues. In laymen terms, I have to establish my “I ain’t no punk!” brand, with fidelity and in excellence, of course.

On her MTV Unplugged album, Lauryn Hill stated, “The only way out is through confrontation. We thought it was retreat. But you have to confront it.” This made me think about Jesus. People came at Him “sideways” more often than not. He was accused, enticed and betrayed. With each offense, Jesus said just enough to challenge the motives of His enemies. He shut them up when he spoke.  He confronted those that others had not. He confronted issues that others had chosen not to.  He confronted sin by death on the cross. Jesus was “no punk!”

So, be it resolved that I am work in progress who may not “cut you from the knave to the chops” with my words like I once enjoyed so very much; and will not sit silently and minimize what needs to addressed in the now; but might very well confront you with words that unmistakingly establish boundaries yet sustain my peace…at the same damn time!


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