Yesterday, I Woke Up In Brooklyn…

There’s nothing like celebrating life with a brand new set of eyes after having been thrown a curve ball. I have thanked God everyday for that curve ball. I’ve cast aside the restraints of social bondage to live the abundant life. 

I traveled to New York from Chicago,last Thursday, with the expectation of witnessing miracles upon miracles and wonders that never cease (in the words of Ms. Tiphani Montgomery). I went with an open mind and an open heart…and boy did I bring back some good stuff. Goodness, greatness, knowledge and wisdom attached itself to me! I returned to Chicago, last night, with a deeper appreciation for my art as a writer and even more appreciative of the lives I will inspire with my gift. I realized a few things about myself along the way…

1. I am a street art junkie.

2. I can wear different patterns simultaneously in New York and I fit in.

3. Dancing to Michael Jackson music for 3 hours straight is a great way to feel alive!


5. If I want what I want, I’ve got some risks to take. 

6. Now is the time! 


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